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Basement Waterproofing Services

Basement Waterproofing Services in Karachi

One of the most common problems in the waterproofing sector. There is two major part of basement waterproofing Services.

  • Negative Side: Negative side basement waterproofing is carried out from the inside of the structure i.e on the retaining wall face, which is not in contact with the water source.
  • Positive side: Positive side Basement waterproofing is carried out on the retaining wall face that is directly in contact with the water source.

Basement Water Proofing:

Causes of Leakage:

  • Underground water level which is underneath your basement floor or at the bottom of the walls is under significant pressure, due to the weight of groundwater above it pressing down.
  • Sewerage Gutters and fractured pipelines close to basement walls caused leakage in the basement.
  • Water flow into the basement wall/floor joints, through cracks in the foundation walls and holes created by faulty or decaying concrete structure of building.
  • A perimeter trench drain collects the water before it enters into the basement caused leakage.
  • Wall vapor barriers and drip moldings are used and incorporated into the sub-slab perimeter drain to collect water coming from wall cracks and other foundation wall defects, such as pipe protrusions.
  • Plantings adjacent to basement are rotted roots that can create a path for surface water to flow down to your foundation.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing:

  • Building structure becomes safe.
  • Utilization of basement may extend usable space.
  • Reduce electric cost due to cool environment.
  • Protect investment that has spent on basement construction.
  • Peace of mind and secure fillings.
  • Noise & Sound free environment.

Treatment & Procedure:

  • Washout & remove sludge from basement.
  • Fill patches, holes, cracks and fractured spots present in basement.
  • Apply primary coat as sealant chemicals to fill capillaries of walls become water resistant.
  • Apply Thick coat to further protection sealant layer.
  • Apply another thick coat to further strengthen water proofing layers.
  • Repair grouting in floor tiles to seal ground water.
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