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Bathroom Leakage & Seepage Control Services

Bathroom Leakage & Seepage Control without destruction of the building

Leakage in roofs, water tanks, basement, and bathroom sewerage system produces water droplets into walls, roof and foundation in building caused seepage appearance at close to bathrooms, roof ceilings and walls that seriously damage expensive interiors, art work, weaknesses in building structure, corrosion in concealed electric & other fittings as well as it may significantly exceed the maintenance cost.

Indus Chemical Services offers the best available solution for leakage & seepage control without any bit of dismantling building structure at most reasonable prices with a service guarantee.

Causes of Leakage:

  • Cracks, holes, and fracture in Sewerage pipe lines.
  • Loose joints in concealed sewerage pipe lines.
  • Fractured drain lines or damage plaster in main holes.
  • Damage Grouting in flooring tiles mostly cause penetration of water into foundation.
  • Concrete (RCC) roofs absorb rain water cause seepage.

Leakage Control Process:

  • Initially dryness of water present in P-Trap by cotton.
  • Pump water resistant chemical inject into P-Trap then apply air pressure so that chemical may reach inside sewerage pipe to seal joints and form inside layer to fill cracks & micro holes.
  • Repair grouting in floor tiles to prevent water penetration in foundation.
  • After the chemical treatment bathrooms or kitchen must be closed for any use for 30 to 48 hours.
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