Leakage & Seepage Control without destruction of building:

Leakage in roofs, water tanks, basement, and bathroom sewerage system produces water droplets into walls, roof and foundation in the building caused seepage appearance at close to bathrooms, roof ceilings and walls that seriously damage expensive interiors, artwork, weaknesses in building structure, corrosion in concealed electric & other fittings as well as it may significantly exceed the maintenance cost.

Indus Chemical Services offers the best available solution for leakage & seepage control without any bit of dismantling building structure at most reasonable prices with a service guarantee.

Causes of Leakage:

  • Cracks, holes, and fracture in Sewerage pipe lines.
  • Loose joints in concealed sewerage pipe lines.
  • Fractured drain lines or damage plaster in main holes.
  • Damage Grouting in flooring tiles mostly cause penetration of water into foundation.
  • Concrete (RCC) roofs absorb rain water cause seepage.

Seepage Control Service in Karachi

Indus Chemical Services offering comprehensive Seepage Control Service in Karachi with professional staff and dedicated team we are proud of or work. Leakage in roofs, water tanks, basement, and bathroom sewerage machine produces water droplets into partitions, roof and foundation in constructing triggered flowing check up on near loos, roof ceilings and partitions that severely damage expensive interiors, paintings, weaknesses in building shape, corrosion in concealed electric and totally exceptional fittings nevertheless as a result of it’d substantially exceed the maintenance well worth.

Indus Chemical Services offers the most effective out there resolution for the run and flowing management with none little bit of activity building structure at the cheapest costs with the service guarantee.

Waterproof Coating of the roof is a very important Task for roof repair and preservation. several roofs throughout the globe square measure made mistreatment poured concrete. they’re cheap however need a good deal of maintenance to stay them from leaky since it will ooze, move, and crack simply.

We have the industries best waterproofing and protecting coatings for every type of adverse waterproofing things like the high roof, retentive walls, basement walls, floors swimming pools Etc.

Water leakage and seepage solution, treatment & repair in Karachi

The dampness of walls and water seepage are common problems faced by homeowners. This happens due to poor quality construction and lack of waterproofing measures during construction of the home. It can cause dampness of the walls, efflorescence (puffy white deposits on walls) and peeling of paint

These dampness problems need to be tacked for a good home painting experience. There seems to be a lot of confusion on what waterproofing chemicals need to be used and the process involved. So, we decided to write this guide to set water leakage and seepage solution for walls and roof.

In this post, you will learn about common waterproofing issues and their causes, what waterproofing chemicals need to be used, and waterproofing procedures that need to be followed. We have covered solutions and fixes for existing buildings. Preventive measures that are to be taken during the construction of buildings will be covered later in another post. Indus chemical provides the best water leakage and seepage solution in Pakistan.

Washroom Leakage / Seepage Proofing in Karachi


Are You Want To Get Solution Of Leakage And Seepage Without Dismantling Of Your Bathroom And You Had Waste So Many Money On This Solution But Still Leakage Is Appear And Seepage Having On Tiles And Bathroom P Tripe Packing Gets Open Or Bathroom Sewerage Line Get Damaged Because Of It All Your Home Walls And Bathroom Having Leakage And Seepage For This All Title Do Filling By Bcs Powder And After This Bcs 102 Chemical Liquid Pass From All Lines And Pin Holes Joint Filled Without Dismantling And It Is Long Time Solution This Material Could Apply On All PVC Cementation And Iron Lines Etc With In 2 To 3 Hours And Your Bathroom Leakage And Seepage Being Solve No Time Waste Or Anything Waste With Guaranty.. Do You Want This Is A Amazing Offer?…

Bathroom Leakage Proofing Procedure

Indus Chemical Services Offers Coating Chemical Re-Coating The Sewerage Lines Of Bathroom Which Not Only Filled The All Joints, Pin Hole, Cracks But Also Less Concerns The Blockage Of Lines Because Through This Chemical Sewerage Lines Become Smoother. Brooks Chemical Services Is One, Which Not Only Introduce New Technology But Also Practically Applying This Methodology Throughout 15 Years And Performing Or Applying Its Application To Thousands Of Projects And Achieve 100% Successful Result. You Are Also Use Indus Chemical Services Offers Coating Through Our Experienced And Professional Team With Full Confidence And Get 100% Successful Result.