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Heat Insulation Services

Heat Insulation Services in Karachi

Heat Insulation is one of the quickest easiest and most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of a home. It is an investment that keeps paying off with better comfort and energy-saving as you own your home. The higher the R-Value you have in your home. The greater the insulation power. Heat Insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow and is essential for keeping your home warm in winter and cooler in summer. A well-insulated and well-designed home provides year-round comfort, cutting cooling and heating bills by up to half. This, in turn, reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Heat Insulation Services

Modern construction gives a lot of emphasis on the Thermal Insulation of the structure from Heat. The air conditioning in the building consumes lots of energy resulting in higher power bills. A well-insulated building can reduce power consumption and resulting costs by more than 30%. Traditionally Mud Phusca and Brick Bat Coba have been used for providing Insulation. Doing a google search on Brick Bat Coba, you will find that use Brick Bat Coba as a medium for insulation as well as waterproofing is a myth. It does not provide any of the two. Mus Phusca is an effective Insulation method, but it’s difficult to get skilled labor for that. It also has its own share of problems due to the growth of plants and trees in the mud.

Types of Insulation Services


Vermiculite is a natural volcanic ash-based insulation mineral are that expands with the applications of heat which provide good insulation as well as lightweight slope maintenance. It has proved to be the best in its class thermal insulation material & the most economical one. It reduces the room temperature underneath by 10 degrees Celcius to 12 degrees Celcius.

Reflective Coatings:

The most economical way of insulations is reflective coatings based on the concept of reflection of heat. Better the Solar Reflective Index (SRI) Value of coating better the Insulation. This method involves the use of specially formulated fiber rich low heat absorption materials which are brush applied or sprayed depending on the viscosity on the rooftops. Suitable for RRC, Metal, & PC roofs. The reduction in room temperature varies from 6C to 8C.

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