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Water Tank Waterproofing/Leakage Control

Water Tank Waterproofing/Leakage Control Services in Karachi

Water tanks or swimming pools, it is always advisable to waterproof treatment inside the surface and walls of the water tanks it ensures water will not seep through the tank and prevent the entry of water from fractured concealed sewerage pipes and rainwater through the walls of the tank.

The overhead water tanks are often a source of water leakages through the ceiling and leakage in underground tanks is often a source to get sewerage water into the tank or store water flows outside the tank cause shortage of water.

Water Tank Waterproofing/Leakage Control Benefits:

  • Wall & surface of tank become smooth & shiny.
  • Anti-bacterial properties in waterproofing chemicals reduce health risks.
  • The maintenance cost of the tank is decreased.
  • Smooth surfaces & walls resist bacteria, fungus, and germs to form their breeding site.
  • Tank cleaning becomes easy and the appearance of dirty particles in water may visible.
  • The life span of the Water tank is extended.
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