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We are using imported chemicals & mixtures to treat the roof surface to cure such damps. Our techniques and experience enhances the life and add tensile strength to the treatment

Ultimately, our treatment provides best resistance and smooth flow to the rain water and saves you and your home from all kinds of leakage and direct rain water etc.

Our treatment let you live comfortable even in heavy rain. For more details about rates and services please feel free to email us via web contact we will be happy to furnish you.

Cool Roof Coating Heat Proofing Waterproofing is providing services for all kinds of roofs, RCC Roof Waterproofing Cement Sheets Roof Waterproofing Services Iron Sheets Roof Waterproofing Services Pre-Cast Roof Waterproofing Services Roof Cracks Joints Waterproofing Services Fiber Roof Waterproofing Services Expansion Joints Waterproofing Services.

Waterproofing & Heat Insulation Services in Pakistan

Indus Chemical service is one of the best roof insulation company in Karachi. Roof insulation can take many forms. Whether cellulose blown in attic insulation, the pink stuff, or foam insulation you will truly benefit by consulting an educated, well established heat insulation contractor in Karachi.

With over 15 years experience, you can count on us for your next water/ heat proofing, basement water proofing; bathroom, water and tank leakage/Seepage, crack fillings and pest control services. We provide a professional service for private and commercial customers.

Walls Treatment:

Many older homes have little or no insulation in the exterior or interior walls. Adding one or more rooms to your existing house will call for insulation in the exterior walls and interior walls (for sound-reduction, if you choose).

Ceilings Insulation:

Ceilings can be done with Astro-Foil Reflective Insulation or Cellulose is blown (loose-fill) insulation. Everlasting Insulation does not recommend the use of fiberglass since it imposes health hazards and can cause disease, especially cancer.


We are professional Water proofing & heat proofing services provider in Karachi. We do complete basement waterproofing, hatchways, elevator pits, sewer and water pipes, bridges and new foundations.

With over 19 Years of unmatched leakage/ Seapage services in Karachi, customers rely on us for any water leaks such as roof/wall seapage, bathroom seapage, basement, water tank leakage etc.

We successfully sealed flowing water under high pressure for a great number of residences, commercial and industrial companies in Karachi. We are one of a few companies which take emergency calls.


We combine expertise, technical knowledge and affordable prices to give you best water and heat proofing service in Karachi unmatched by our competitors.


We use the best seapage, water proofing and heat proofing materials to make your projects run smoothly.


Work with us involve a carefully planned series of steps, centered around a schedule we stick to and daily communication.


Founded in 2000, Indus chemicals has established itself as one of the greatest and prestigious heat insulation and water proofing/ leakage/ seapage company in Karachi.


We have a great experience of more than 13 years and believe in to satisfy our customers.


We use best materials to give our best and provides the best services.


We have professional standard equipment’s to work in more secure and fast way.

Roof Waterproofing in Karachi

Roof Waterproofing Is stormy water is spilling from the top of your office, production line, school, or home? What’s more, drainage obliterates your paint and you do mortar over and over for waterproofing your rooftop. Also, put a substantial load on your rooftop and waste your cash. Be that as it may, again concrete devastates and makes splits and spillages and drainage stays the same.

Without precedent for Pakistan Insulation.pk is offering its types of assistance for rooftop waterproofing with new innovation. Which have rooftop waterproofing, lightweight plastic froth adaptable compound in it? On the off chance that water remains on rooftop however, it doesn’t spill, so this implies your rooftop concrete isn’t frail. What’s more, your structure and rooftop life surpass, and spillage and drainage are 100% gotten done with surety. We have all water sealing material application brush roller shower machine with this application you get lifetime arrangement. What’s more, you can appreciate the precipitation, material 100% imported it no have a reaction this application effectively applied on iron, RCC, concrete sheet and so on.

Roof Leakage Control in Karachi

Roof Leakage Control in Karachi

Roof Waterproofing Company Fix Rcc Precast Slab Metal And Absolute Sheet Etc Roof Leakage Waterproofing Roof Rain Leak Water Proofing Services Available In Karachi & All Over Pakistan

Roof Water Proofing

Roof Water Proofing

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Roof Heat Proofing

Roof Heat Proofing

Insulation.pk with colors and paint materials, to reduce the reflection of heat and sunlight we use light color paint materials. Which is prepared from different chemicals, which in the presence of our experts by doing the reflection of sunlight, reduces the temperature through painting the roofs of buildings. And is used for external sections of the roof, porch, and entering points. We only use premium grade chemicals for roof heat proofing to offer the best results.

Roof Heat Insulation

Roof Heat Insulation

Insulation.pk Roof heat insulation, is a perfect method for roof insulation, due to this your roof can face lots of amount of heat. Our company use advanced polyurethane foam insulation spray, which provides heat proofing. Heat proofing insulation is the most impressive method, through which it reflects the heat of surface of any property with chemical solution treatment. Through master company’s services these used chemicals keep a lot of standard. Which increases more durability, our chemicals are certified according to international standards. It can be applied to concrete, wooden and all sort of metal structures and it also reflects ultra violet sun rays completely. Heat is mainly transferred through roof, exposed wall openings such as (doors, windows, ventilators etc) in a building structure.

Bathroom Leakage Treatment

Bathroom Leakage Treatment

Bathroom leakage is a common problem, in this process system it occurs the reason for cracks and micro holes. Through our air pressure process defective bathroom, such as bathtubs, shower, hand washing sink or inappropriate installation of pipes fits perfectly. Urea and uric acid is a basic problem of water pressure of bathroom sewerage lines. Due to chemical act flowing water from lines can be stopped. The leakage on the ground level may cause various diseases because the water from leakage mix up with tank water and it also makes the foundation weak. We provide the best quality chemicals and services for basement leakage repair.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is the best choice to protect your basement from leaks. In which by looking at the water flow, waterproofing is done, and to stop this, technical material is included. To make water surfaces, pumps and pipes are used and through modern chemicals, basement waterproofing is done. And our company with 5 years of guarantee and expert’s excellent performance and modern chemicals provides you the best services of basement waterproofing. There are many warning signs of basement leakages like a puddle of water, cracks, or even moisture. The presence of water in your basement is a serious problem and to fix this we have our skilled experts who will fix your basement by using modern chemicals, to make your basement dry and prevent moisture. We use basement chemicals including concrete and many other chemicals. For basement waterproofing a clean place and dry surface are very necessary, basement waterproofing requires sealing of trouble spots with masonry paint and filling gaps with the help of cement.

Wall Seepage Treatment

Wall Seepage Treatment

Wall Seepage Treatment What can be the reasons of wall seepage? We will tell you by the given instructions of our experts, that on what reasons wall seepage occurs. Usually you have seen, that due to non waterproof buildings, leaks starts to appear in walls. Due to collection of water, the cracks and seepage starts to become, which starts to show seam that means moisture on your walls and roofs. Second reason is that it can become a cause of leaking pipes of your house, which spreads flowing water on walls and roofs very fastly. There is a process of every work, so in the supervision of our experts, by using modern paints and chemicals moisture can be stopped. Inside your walls due to severe weather conditions, for example due to continuous rainfall, leaks starts to come inside plaster of walls. Which due to non stop rainfall produce moisture, if they are not stopped, then it will destroy your house walls.

Water Tank Waterproofing

Water Tank Waterproofing

Insulation.pk experts are experienced in waterproofing service and with technical chemicals, we provide complete water tank proofing service according to your budget. And we also give 5 years of warranty. If you face any problem in these years, then you can achieve free services from us. Our company provide technological advanced, premium liquid polyurethane tank waterproofing system which offers easy application, as well as full certifications. Most importantly it guarantees long-lasting results for water tank proofing, it can not only be used for new water tank or pond construction but also used to repair, consisting of different products.


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Trusted Waterproofing Services in Karachi

Waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant so that it remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions.

Roof waterproofing

Our experienced team at Indus Chemical Services contributes to delivering the best waterproofing service in Karachi, Pakistan with chemical treatment solutions such as roof leakage proofing, roof leakage repair, roof seepage repair, roof leakage treatment, and roof crack joints repair. Our state-of-the-art waterproofing paint will make sure that your flat rooftop gets the best security from any hazardous water leakages.

Basement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is one of the most essential parts of any construction process, not only it protects from basement leakages but also increase the life of your structure. Our chemical treatment will ensure to provide basement leakage repairs along with the walls and foundation of your homes, companies, and industries. The major part that is handled by our professionals is the leakages around the basement.

Foundation waterproofing

Having the ultimate foundation waterproofing is the requirement of industrial, residential and commercial needs. We, at Indus Chemical Services, are the pioneers of foundation waterproofing solutions in Pakistan which will help our customers get protected from foundation seepage and add up more life into the structure. We use foundation waterproofing membrane from the protection water leakages and seepage.

Bathroom and Tiles Waterproofing

Whether your bathroom is made up of tiles or concrete, our bathroom waterproofing solution will help you to protect from sewerage pipe leaks and other leakage control. Our chemically attained waterproof paint repair the cracks located into the floor walls of your bathroom. Using our waterproofing membrane ensures that your bathroom is safe and secure from leakages and seepages. Plus, tiles cracks are handled with care.

G.I sheets and steel corrugated sheets waterproofing

Our waterproofing solutions are suitable for every material whether its G.I sheet, steel corrugated sheets, concrete, metal body, and steel sheets. With bituminous aluminum foil membrane and rigorous coating, the waterproofing chemical treatment will make sure no acids, sulfates and alkaline materials is leaked.

Over and Underground Water Tank waterproofing

Our chemical treatment for water tank leakage repair is among the top products in Pakistan. We focus on providing best water tank leakage solutions whether you are dealing with the overhead tank or basement tank, our water tank leakage specialist will make sure no water comes out from the walls and foundation of your water tank ever along with supportive chemicals to increase life of tank.