Cracks Filling:

Reasons of Cracks:

Cracks can take place due to chemical reactions in construction materials like mixture of old & new cement apply in construction, changes in climate, foundation movements and settling of buildings, environmental stresses like nearby trains, earth quakes, fire, heavy rains, and flood etc. Faulty design, bad quality materials, wrong method of construction, weather effects and lots of wear and tear can create cracks in walls, floors and ceilings.

Crack Filling Karachi Pakistan

Expert of Crack Filling Services Karachi Pakistan. Indus Chemical Services providing Domestic and Industrial Crack Filling services in Karachi, Pakistan.

We are engaged in providing services of Expansion Joint Filling. It is used for Prevents cracking of concrete slabs during expansion and protects the subgrade by providing a water-tight seal thereby preventing percolation of surface water.

In this service we provide the following:

  • Clean the joint properly.
  • Fill the thermocouple if required.
  • Apply primer on the surface.
  • Fill the joint with a polysulphide sealant.